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A MonoBehaviour that declares game load through ProSaver, and also declares LateInitialize for the scene.

A class that inherits from MonoBehaviour and implements the IHostable, ILateIntialized and ISaveable interfaces. This class also subscribes to initialization and late initialization by default, but has to be added to save.

A class that can be set as a singleton and is effective at saving and loading data. A good class to use for managing game data.

A static proxy for the Saver, Initializer and LateInitializer classes. Using this class is the easiest way to, manage scene initialization and to save and load your game.

 The deliminators used to divide up data when encoded or saved. There is little reason to bother changing anything in this class unless there is a very particular requirement for how data is written for your game.

Apply this attribute to any field you would like to save and load.

The paths for saves and encryption keys.

This class manages saving and loading.

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